Friday, August 31, 2007

never proof-read AFTER hitting'send'

kk, sorry about that.*sigh* most of my friends are still all guys, most of whom keep asking me to get girl's numbers for them. all my professors are great, and i'm having a lot of fun-'cept for geometry
This one guy in geometry, Josh, keeps finding new and creative ways to torment, putting wads of paper in my hood, poking me through that hole in the back of my seat, poking the back of my neck while i'm drinking water, and putting all kinds of junk down the back of my shirt(no ice or garbage yet, thank heaven)
and then there's that annoying girl in english, but whatever really. there's a great piano in every practice room, and they're sound-proof! how awesome is that?
I kinda got kidnapped into the choir, but that's ok, it's fun!
Ok, so who has seen Highschool musical 2? I saw it, and i wasnt impressed. the reason i bring this up is the poll on the right. the other reason is this guy who is in 3 of my classes. He looks just like that guy ryan from highschool musical! And get this- the classes we share are Choir, Jazz dance, and Piano. And did i mention his name is Troy? heh heh. i torment him to no end with those details.
anyhoo, here's the random picture you were all expecting. thank you, naruto abridged! you have given me much amusment!("heh heh, it has a cow on it. MOOOO! heheh, dance, cow, dance!" and "welcome to 'come come romantic paradise', the book on tape. read by arnold schwartzenegger-CHAPTER ONE! CHERRY BLOSSOM ROMANCE FOREVER! "HELP! THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS ARE COMING, AND THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE ALL THE TORTILLAS! GET THAT COW OUT OF THE WAY!*MOOOOOO!*"
heheh, sorry 'bout that.


no1narutard said...

blah school is weak!

Tofu Ninja said...

cheer up emo kid!!!

My Name is Booknessnessness said...

hi hi

ELLEZ said...

hidihoo!!! whats up??? the car ride was funnay!!!

aggroskater4ever a.k.a Chris said...

i haven't posted here in a long time

Samantha _ Gutierrez said...


why don't you go on your blog anymore?