Thursday, December 20, 2007

OOOOoooOOooO! looky! A new post!

well, i'm back! it's been along time since i last posted. the reason? well, all who know me know that i've been insanely busy for the past few months. hmm, let's see, shall i post, do my homework, or sleep? DUH! sleep! they say that when you start college, you get three choices: friends, academics,and sleep. the rub: you only get to pick two. most of the time however, sleep wasn't even an option for me. oh well. anyhoo, i'm back now, but don't be looking for a new post every day-this is december, not august. i'll be posting some new video bars and deleting most of the artwork, so get your last looks in now. Well, if i don't post before christmas, i'll wish you all a merry christmas now-no, not 'happy holidays', i meant merry christmas! geez..... sorry if i offend, but tough! oh, and before i forget, check out the new poll! later all, and love you!

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misfit23 said...

ugh! took you long enough! j to the k. welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging. :P