Friday, December 28, 2007

Are you sleepy? Mmmmmmmm?

while browsing on the internet this afternoon, i happened upon a most unusual site, featuring pictures of evil otters and disapproving bunny noses. i shall add the site,'cute overload' to my link list for the brave souls willing the face the incrediblely disturbing cuteness they shall find in the site of will either find these pictures to be the cutest little sweetums you ever saw, or these will haunt your worst nightmares. consider yourself warned............. as a sample, i have added a lovely picture of an adorable baby orangutan who will haunt your dreams tonight. nighty-night!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

OOOOoooOOooO! looky! A new post!

well, i'm back! it's been along time since i last posted. the reason? well, all who know me know that i've been insanely busy for the past few months. hmm, let's see, shall i post, do my homework, or sleep? DUH! sleep! they say that when you start college, you get three choices: friends, academics,and sleep. the rub: you only get to pick two. most of the time however, sleep wasn't even an option for me. oh well. anyhoo, i'm back now, but don't be looking for a new post every day-this is december, not august. i'll be posting some new video bars and deleting most of the artwork, so get your last looks in now. Well, if i don't post before christmas, i'll wish you all a merry christmas now-no, not 'happy holidays', i meant merry christmas! geez..... sorry if i offend, but tough! oh, and before i forget, check out the new poll! later all, and love you!

Friday, August 31, 2007

never proof-read AFTER hitting'send'

kk, sorry about that.*sigh* most of my friends are still all guys, most of whom keep asking me to get girl's numbers for them. all my professors are great, and i'm having a lot of fun-'cept for geometry
This one guy in geometry, Josh, keeps finding new and creative ways to torment, putting wads of paper in my hood, poking me through that hole in the back of my seat, poking the back of my neck while i'm drinking water, and putting all kinds of junk down the back of my shirt(no ice or garbage yet, thank heaven)
and then there's that annoying girl in english, but whatever really. there's a great piano in every practice room, and they're sound-proof! how awesome is that?
I kinda got kidnapped into the choir, but that's ok, it's fun!
Ok, so who has seen Highschool musical 2? I saw it, and i wasnt impressed. the reason i bring this up is the poll on the right. the other reason is this guy who is in 3 of my classes. He looks just like that guy ryan from highschool musical! And get this- the classes we share are Choir, Jazz dance, and Piano. And did i mention his name is Troy? heh heh. i torment him to no end with those details.
anyhoo, here's the random picture you were all expecting. thank you, naruto abridged! you have given me much amusment!("heh heh, it has a cow on it. MOOOO! heheh, dance, cow, dance!" and "welcome to 'come come romantic paradise', the book on tape. read by arnold schwartzenegger-CHAPTER ONE! CHERRY BLOSSOM ROMANCE FOREVER! "HELP! THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS ARE COMING, AND THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE ALL THE TORTILLAS! GET THAT COW OUT OF THE WAY!*MOOOOOO!*"
heheh, sorry 'bout that.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Guess who's a college kid?!

Yay!!!!!!! bobagirl's a college kid! i'll be starting at a community college in a few weeks(those of you who know me know of where i speak) it's been fun, and i already know quite a few people from various places; even from work! it's been pretty fun so far, and i've met a lot of new friends-unfortunately, almost all of them are guys.
"unfortunately?!", you say."what's wrong with guy friends?!"
well, i'll tell you: eating lunch with them. they play table hockey with my carrot sticks and a bottle cap, they drink 'shots' of monster energy drinks and vibrate the rest of the day(seriously-it's kinda creepy, and they eye my yogurt with suspicion. they've labeled me a 'granola girl', which is entirely fictitious- i DO shave my legs.
oh well, they're fun to hang out with! we have fun hanging out and talking about what we plan to do for the fall semester. we'll see if anything works out the way we hope.......(shout out to xxxluckyxxx- i miss you come back soon, so i can beg for your help with college life!)
oh, this is for Code_gir:What character from harry potter will you miss the most? tell me in the comment thread! i'll try to create a poll for this, but if i don't manage it, post in the comments thread.
now to change the subject("and now for something completely different!") WARNING: THIS PARAGRAPH IS A NARUTO SPOILER, FOR THOSE WHO WATCH THE ANIME. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!TOBI-SAN!!!!! OMG!!! i can hardly believe it!!!Ninjatomomi and i wigged out together for about 5 minutes after reading chapter 364!TobiTobiTobi!!funny,AND an evil genius! i respect that kind of talent(My brother has that gift too)anyhoo, i was surprised that the evil leader guy wasn't yondaime! i was so sure, and it would have made a lovely plot twist! ok, sorry 'bout that-i'll finish off with some irrelevent artwork(P.S. looking for a new anime to watch? Try 'Ouran Highschool Host Club'! it's sooo funny!ok, i'm done)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

WHY?!*Sob!!* (WARNING-Deathly Hallows Spoilers!!!)

*sniffles punctuated by sobs* WHY?!!!!!!
In case you haven't yet read the last harry potter book, do not read this post!(unless, of course, you don't care about my awful spoilers) yes, i posted this as soon as i finished the book, cuz i'm a freaky fangirl!!i'm still wiping away tears for-well, read the post if you dare!
SNAPE!!!!!!*blows nose*I'm going to miss you. your supercilious nature, your leering smile, your piercing glare that caused small children to flee from your presence....
*sniff*And why Dobby too?*wahhh!*
Fred, I shall miss you! you were my favorite character(if only because i liked the name fred better than George)
sorry if i spoiled anything for you, but i did warn you about this post! and yes, loads of other characters died too :*(
a moment of silence for these non-existent characters that freaks like me will miss so much, now that the book series is over.anyways, heres some art in tribute to these fictitious people we cared so much about.
well, if you've read the book, please comment with your thoughts and feelings on the revelations in the book!
Long Live Kreacher!Yay!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Too many kisames?

well, someone on Deviant told me to stop drawing Kisame chibis, cuz they were getting bored of them.i say you can never have enough! they're just too cute! besides, blue is my favorite color!(Yay for blue!)lemme know if you agree with the deviant commenter-do i have too many kisame chibis?well, heres one i thought was cute(not by me-to see the ones the Deviant was complaining about, you'll have to go to my gallery!see the link on my link list!)
so, summer is slowly but surely ending, and soonit wil be back to school for most of us. by then, it may be too late for my brain;it will have meltedin this heat, and my work will look something like this math page picture i put on this post! the caption is soo true!so, finish your homework or college aps,and try to enjoy the rest of your summer!(even if you don't like my art, check out deviantart anyway- they have everything from starwars fanart, to Steve Irwin fanart(crikey!) so, if there's some book or movie or tv show you love(yes, there's 'the office' fanart too),check out deviant sometime! it's great!if you join, lemme know, so i can buddy you or watch you submissions! i look forward to seeing you there!
love in Christ, the bobagirl!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


WELL?!!!! ok, i'm not interested in your excuses. anyways, i dicovered al the wonderful 9and disturbing fanart i can find on Deviant art! it's great! i've found every thing from Harry potter, to nathaniel mandrake(from the Bartimeus trilogy)to Artemis fowl! i even found one picture with all of them in it! And, it's well done! well, i just had to share these! check 'em out!(yeah! those are my boys!)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

ooh! another post!

well, i've been very busy with work and all lately, so sorry for staying away for so long!
since i last commented, i got my own gallery! check my links if you want to see it! there are a couple new links in there, and a few new pictures(don't worry, i removed most of the old ones)Please check out my gallery! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease look at my gallery!!!! oh, does anyone know whee i can download DDR music besides limewire? i don't want those free viruses that they throw in. thank you! AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COMMENTS ARE POST-RELATED AND NOT RANDOM RAVINGS ABOUT THAT RODRIGO PERSON WHO'S BEEN LEAVING ADS ON YOUR BLOGS!if you comment, make sure that it is a greeting and/or relevant to the last post! thank you(DOWN WITH RODRIGO!!! GET OFF OUR POSTING THREADS, YOU LOSER!)
sooo, heres another pic for your enjoyment/ridicule. have fun!

Friday, July 6, 2007

ooo! look! a new picture!!!

so! her's another one i just did! well, this isn't my character- Babo belongs to David Horvath.Who's that? well, he's the artist who created a line of daolls- that are designed to be ugly! they're called ugly dools, and can be found at i'm doing a new vid clip of this little fella eating YOUR candy and smiling happily! well, at least your teeth won't rot! please comment! ( and no more'dum dee dum dum' comments, tofuninja ! that goes for no1narutard as well!) will post on how i'm doing, later for all you holding your breath. well, post soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

here's some more for your consideration

well, here are acouple more that i drew last night. Ben requested anew avatar for his CR account, so i drew him with his guitar. then i decided i wanted a new av too, so i drew one for me, which i don't think came out as well as i wanted(darn mouse!!!) still, it's rather musing, and i've been told it isn't too awful, so here it is, along with Ben's avatar, for your artistic consideration. please tell me what you think. and Brandon, please comment on the post, not about how random you are:P. i really want to know what you all think of my artwork. please be honest;i'm, working on a random flash right now, so i want to know if you want to see it so i can stick it on here too. thank you everyone! sorry the posts have been so boring lately!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

um, just one thing*blush*

hey, you guys? if you actually think my artwork isn't too bad, let me know, so i don't quit putting it on. and Katherine, if you like the kisame pic from the last post, i'll send it too you, since i owe you a fan pic anyway(thank you soo much for the embarrassingly hot kakashi pic you gave me-yeah, i know, that was a while ago, but thank you!) soo, any way, what i'm trying to say is please leave me some feedback on the artwork i post(if it's posted,it's drawn by me, with the exception of the botherbotherbother design, which is not by me- for more stuff like the bother thing, go to my potter puppet pals link)i'm a little nervous about showing my artwork off, and i'm not really any good at drawing with a mouse(arggg! need a wacom!)so please leave your feedback.please be honest- i want to hear the bad stuff you have to say, tell me what you think of the chibi kisame from the last post.Thank you!

Monday, July 2, 2007

i'm baaack!(again)

well, i survived yet another road trip to San Francisco. yes, my sanity is still intact after long hours of passing hills and cows(moooooo)
we did the usual:hike,hang out at the neighborhood quickly(Boba!!!),and ate aewsomw chinese food! i think Ben brought home at least 3 diving knives he was given(oh dear). well, i stopped off at the same little anime/manga store in chinatown as the last trip, this time with all everyone(everyone being my family and all the fukudas, plus a few others).i was greeted back enthusiastically by the staff(i spent quite a bit last visit)and, all the boys proceeded to shop til they drop( normally i shop until they drop)
well, things are already back to normal here at home (whatever that means) i went back to work at the pool this morning, and finally got this years work suit! yes! last year's was getting saggy and stretched out until it was, um hem hem, you get the picture.anyway, work has started, which means the beginning of my summer, so yay!
oh, and here's a picture i did on flash just as a practice for drawing with the mouse, but i think it isn't too awful.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

yay!! i'm an animator!!!

well, i didn't get the amount of responses i thought i would*sigh* oh well, that's probably cuz most of my obnoxious but faithful commenters were out of town(i missed all you guys!i was so bored without all you guys cracking jokes about my height every 2 seconds!) still, i did get one comment-origato, koyotoshadow!i've decided that i don't need a boyfriend just now. after all, guys are like parking spots: all the good ones are taken!anyway, my heart belongs to Kakashi.
anyway, down to the subject.on tuesday,i got my flash program demo! Yay!!! needless to say, i've been on the computer quite a bit since then.I've managed to animate a few basic things, like stickmen waving,a ball bouncing, a girl winking(it's harder than it sounds-trust me),rock lee wagging his finger(ok, i know, that's not a basic),and a cute little kisame and itachi gif. the only trouble i've had so far is drawing with a my mouse.i need to do something about that, like getting a wacom (a digital sketchpad,for all you non-tech people)or just getting used to using a mouse to draw -ygh!
anyway, heres a still of one little gif i did the day i got the program:kisame and itachi.sorry, it won't play on here,so you won't get to see all of the stuff in it, like the dots that form by itachi as the gif progresses. i hope his expression will make this a cute still, though; as i said, i'm having some trouble drawing with a mouse(i can draw better than this-trust me.)
anyways, i'll be outta town until monday, so expect a nice long post when i get back(yes,longer than this one)we're gonna be up in San Francisco again, with the Fukudas, so there will certainly be a lot of laughs.and probably some painful bruising.still, i look forward to hanging out in chinatownand eating lots of great food(dimsum! yay!!!) i just hope i don't melt on the way up ther tomorrow. well, here's hoping.
catch all of you people from H3O at the senior send-off and/or beach party!(all of you who didn't go to Mt. Hermon, we can cry together)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ahh, life is good!

hello! it's tme for a new post! ok, not really, but i felt like posting, sooo here i am!
rats! my flash demo isn't here yet! oh well, i'll just ave to wait a little longer(so will you others who are eagerly awaiting a stupid flash vid) until then, entertain yourself with watching 'Jesus in Craig' and 'Jesus in Craig 2(aka Jesus in Nate) on the video bars at the bottom of all the recent posts. yes, i know those weirdos in those 'jesus' vids. unfortunately, all of them except nate have graduated, so i'll be looking to the new freshmen to submit vidoes for next year's 'Golden Roy Awards' (i'm talking to you, Chris Q) soo, i found afew new flash vids, so look for those on here soon(if possible, i'll stick my vids 'Hero' and 'Sadie Hawkins Dance on here some time in the future-no promises though) any hoo, if you haven't heard, work is starting up again soon, so my posts will probably include more bizzare stories about the stuff ben and i have to deal with; for instance, when people who are high or drunk come in to swim, and redshirt drills( ohh, they're horrible!)
anyway, that's it for this post-laters!

Friday, June 22, 2007

YAY!!! I GOTTA COMMENT(but who from?)

YES!!!! at last, you have decided to end my torture!i squealed happily until little Josh stuck his head into the office to see if i had finally cracked!
Just a note to future commenters, leave your username so i know you've been here! and if i know you, but not your username, leave your name!(this is directed at YOU Sistersmiley, whoever you are,and Janet,Jenni,Alex, and all you other anonymous commenters!)
well, i just got hold of,like 20 flash books, and i am eagerly devouring the boring technical details that make no sense without a computer in front of me.(whew! that was a run-on sentence,if iv'e ever seen one!)well, if it helps me learn, i'll do it.
and now for something completely different(kudos to whoever knows where that's from!)
Does anyone think i need a boyfriend? be honest, people, i'm getting tired of people thinking my 14 yr-old brother's my boyfriend(or worse, my older brother!!) yes, i know, it's not at all likely i'll look for one if you guy's tell me to, but i'm interested in what you think(maybe it will persuade you folks to comment on here!)so far, i've asked my dog, but she really doesn't have much to say on the subject, and she sheds all over me .(i think she might shed slightly faster than the speed of light!)so, lgive me your thoughts and suggestions on guys, real and fictional(for example, the mysterious, musical Eric-anyone else know where he's from?)please remember that this is all in fun(got that Ben,Brandon,Chris,Matt and assorted others? oh, and the pic is dedicated to you guys!!)
Please comment!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

* sigh*

Well, yet another post has gone by without a single comment:( that's ok, i'll get over it eventually, WHEN SOMEONE LEAVES ME A FUDGEMONKEYING COMMENT ON HERE!!!!!!)
well, so much for the flash too. i won't be finishing that for a while, cuz i can only get the professional version demo just now, and that's tough to learn- that and i won't be getting it until next monday. well, i'll just have to put that project on hold for now and pisk up my knitting, hmmmmmm....
ok, enough sad stuff. Work starts again soon!! yay! i'm supposed to get my new schedule on thursday(yeah, right; like they'll have even finished typing it out by then) and i can hardly wait to get back on tower again! ahh, the digusting free lunches, the bratty kids, the smell of sunscreen and dangeruos chemicals we keep in the same fridge as our food..........Yeah! no, really, i'm looking forward to it! i get this summer's new uniform too! this year, i get a 2 piece work suit, so i dont have to squeeze into to that awful kid-sized suit again! and, i've got new junior guards to torture to my heart's content, including my brother, Ben "there's a clogged toilet in the guy's locker room! go fix it!" or"Ferguson! go paint fence! up- down!"(actually, Ferguson isn't a junior guard anymore, but boy, did he hear that last year!)
mihihihi! i can't wait to experiment with vandalism remover again!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well, back in the swing of things

Well, i feel like it's time for another post, so!
things are back to normal here...well, as normal as it gets around this house!Hey! guess what?! i'm working on my first flash video! i'm doing that relient k song jefferson aeroplane- ya know that little song they hid on the end? the one about silly shoes? thats what i'm using. since i can't afford a wacom(a digital sketch-pad), i'm gonna hafta use downloaded images( my scanner's messed up) still, i can be picky, so i'm using naruto images(duh! dare to be narutarded!) i'm very rxited about learning flash, so you'll be hearing alot about this for awhile- as if you guys are still reading this thing:( That's ok, i'll drag some people from H3O in here some day! well, i'd better finish up before Mum comes in here and yellsat me, so i'll be cutting this post short. bye bye!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, I'm back! anyone notice i was gone?

well, i'm back from an impromptu family vacation to San Francisco( i didn't know we were going anywhere until the night before we left.)
yeah, it was lotsa fun and we did all kinds of crazy stuff, like walk all over the place, eat a TON of chinese food, picking blackberries, and wandering around Chinatown! Very fun!
well, we're most likely going back in a few weeks to do some more stuff with the fukudas- did i mention that we met up with them there/ we did pretty much everything with them during the trip. check out this nasty pic of a dead rat/mole thing . i don't really know what kinda critter it was..... anyway, it was pretty nasty-later, we aw two dogs go off with it-as i said, nasty!! well, it's good to be back,and to be using my own bathroom!!!(yes!!)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

what's wrong with you guys?!

why is no one commenting on here?!! are you allout of town or sumptin?!! where is everyone? well, i'll be outta town until tuesday, so if any one actually bothers to check my blog, tough, i'm not here.but don't worry, i'll be back soon, so try not to be too devestated over my absence. well, any way, i'll be at h3o agian on friday, soo i'll see ya'll soon!1 Byebye!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Well, it's me ...again......

Well, i kinda figured it was time for another post, so here it is......., well, i took the SAT today( yeah, the Sadistic Atrocious Torture-SAT!!) and it was every bit as awful as you can imagine! the guy sitting in front of me had this nasty, greasy hair, and it was kinda distracting. there also was this fly in the room that kept buzzing around, and it was REALLY annoying., there i sat, thinking,' okay, this is only going to affect what college i get into and that will only affect the quality of my entire life... okay, i'm going to destroy this lousy test with my awesome animal energy.....Ohhh, i'm going to concentrate like you wouldn't believe........... eww! go away, you horrid fly! icky bug1 okay, where was i? oh yeah, question 15..... Hmmm....C,no wait,D! why is it always C or D? am i doing this wrong? Ewwww, his hair is soo greasy. no, wait, concentrate..... concentration....... I am SOOO concentrated right now.... you could stick me full of pins right now and i wouldn't feel a what problem was i on? Oh, shoot!
Well, i thought that i give you an idea of what you have to look forward to come your junior year in highschool...... if you've already taken the horrid thing, Yay!! well, let's see if my score turns out okay....... i'm not worried at all..... not a bit......... not really.....sorta.... okay, yeah, i'm freaked out about it, but oh well, tough!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh, goody! another post!!

sorry, this one is boring too. hmm, maybe i should tell a little story.......once upon a time, there was a lonely gecko, who didn't like purple squids..... ahh, actually, how about i DON'T tell a story? Yeah, that sounds good to me. well, ihope everyone is enjoying their 3-day weekend. i sure am! maybe if i'm lucky, i'll go see pirates. or not. have you seen the fan flashes on here yet? watch them, and see if you can tell me the name of the song used for the parts where hayate dancesfor, like, 3 seconds. I like that song, whatever that guy is saying! here is a pic of Hayate, in case you don't know who he is, plus the lyrics( yes, this pic is by Snowdragon)lemme know in the comments if you know1 Byebye!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I heart 3-day weekends!

Hehe! i slept in until 10 in the morning today! my family isn't going on a vacation this memorial weekend, so most likely, no one will commment since they're all on trips and such. oh well. I'm probably just going to hang out at home and clean my room this weekend. didja go tothe praise nite on Friday, anyone? awesome!!! if you skipped going to h3o or wildlife to go see Pirates, i totally understand, but you missed out if you didn't come! oh, and jenn finished editing our videos, so i'll try to get those vids on here after the awards ceremony( I'll let ya know if we win anything good- last year i got the best screaming sequence award) Yuchi was totally perfect for his role in Sadie Hawkin's Dance! my only leading role this year was as this suicidal emo girl in the hero vid. not that you can even tell that it's me, with all that eye make-up on and my hair all straightened and over my face. Stay happy, guys. well, iguess that this post is way to long. byebye!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


OMG!!! i'm having an oops moment! on all of my vid labels,i've been refering to Snow as as if she were a guy! oops! well, i'd like to make this post my tribute to my favorite flashgirl, Snowdragon! you are sooo cool. I'm sooo impressed with her artwork; she is soooo talented!. of course, now i'm comparing my stuff to hers, going" how come i can't draw as well as a 14 year old?! i gotta draw more!" well, i'm gonna try to stick more of her stuff on here for all of you who are too lazy to look her up yourselves. does any one know how to use flash? teach me pleeaassee!!!!!!! Pretty please? pretty please with whipped cream and sprinkles and a cherry on top? ok then, sorry about the random rave about some one you guys have never heard of. Bye bye!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh, man!!!!

drat! the server on our PC isn't working all of a sudden!! well, i guess i'll have to wait until it's up and running again before i can post any more pics .Fudgemonkeys!! oh well, i'll have to try to be entertaining in my posts, so i guess there's no hope for any entertainment on here for a while; I'm not very comedic or even remotely interesting. well, we finished filming for the golden roy award night, and we've already begun editing our vids. this year, the videos will hopefully not be something i'm going to be embarassed about! we did 2 music vids this year: Hero by superchick, and Sadie Hawkins dance by Relient K. totally off the wall, but that's the way we do things around here........ no, i'm not going to explain what i mean by that. well, hopefully i'll be able to post the vids once we're done editing them. Bye-bye!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lazy dayz

Wellll, it's kinda slow over here today.i know that most of you are probably doing stuff with your families today, but we're really not doing much. I guess i'll bake some more muffins( my 2nd fave: Banana fudge) and fold some laundry(Blech!) well, Maybe i'll do some stupid fanart, or sketch random people who come to the pool. have i ever mentioned them? theres cowboy man, to mention one. He shows up in cowboy boots and a big ol hat, and he comes out in speedos and his boots with the newspaper. weird! ten theres the group that i like to call 'the Blathering Ballet'. they're a bunch of wackos who do all kinds of ballet poses and jumps off the diving boards while i wince inwardly. anyway, i totally lost track of where i was going with that that, soooo........... yep. I dunno if any thing of any interest isgoing to be in this lame post, so, yeah, i just wasted about mebbe a minute of your life(Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!.........Sorry 'bout that.) well, i guess that's it for today, unless something interesting happens..........bye bye!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

more yakking

Well, I finally finished my agriculture projects.Crazy!!! i stayed up so late, and i still wasn't satisfied with the stupid thing!ugh!!!! well, at least i won't have to worry for a while about it. I just hope that those fair people don't kill my project like they did last year. oh well, i still won money.( Mwahahahaha!!!! money!!!!!) iwasn't able to finish my knitting project on time, so i used one that i didn't enter last year(Yeah, i'm that slow.blech.) Well, now i have a little more time to do stuff, so, yeah..... Oh, i have my second interview for my promotion to regular guard tomorrow! it's been so long since my first interview, that i was worried that they forgot about me! Well, wish me luck!!! bye-bye!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007


Waaaa!! i finished all 13 naruto dvds that i borrowed from katherine!!!! now i'll have to watch the show online or subscribe to the show!!!!!! Aghhhhhhh!!!!! okay, sorry about that, i've had a very long day, and i'm getting cranky.well, i'm thinking of trying to get some of my stupid fanart on here for y'all to see, but some of it just plain STINKS!!!! okay, i've done a few that are worth maybe a chuckle, so, i guess i'll share my stupidity with you..... i really don't have anything of any interest and/or note to say for this post besides....BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, i'm done.

Friday, May 4, 2007


as some of you may know, i applied recently for dual enrollment at acomunity college(rio hondo). well, i got a call this afternoon, and i've been ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!Yes!!!!!!well, looks like i'll be becoming a college kid ayear earlier than i thought! look out jessica and alex, you're stuck with me for at least another year!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!! well, i think that I've raved enough for one, post, sooooo............ that's it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


i finally got some real photos onto this darn thing!!!yes! at long last, you may see all the strange sights of my everyday life(eeek!) well. browse and enjoy all the cool pics ben helped me out with( thanx a bunch, Ben! Luv ya!!!)well, i'm out of witty and/or interesting things to say, so this will be it until i can come up with something that isn't utter blather... bye bye!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wheeeee!!!Ice cream for dinner!!!!

Well, i sure hadda interesting day. After piano and violin this afternoon, my family went to baskin& Robin's for the 31 cent ice cream. we waited in that line for, like, two hours!! ugh! but it was worth it, cuz we walked outta there with a ton of ice cream. when we got home, we discovered that there was no room in the fridge, so we sat down at the dining room table and had ice cream for dinner! For once, i actually had all the ice cream i wanted. so bad!! Whats next, cake for breakfast?! Still, i think that everyone should do this every once in a while. I'm in my happy place........Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Happy Saturday!!!

Hello!! it's time for another post about-nothing.Yeah,I'm pretty much just musing right now, so bear with me.
you are now about to enter a lani fantasy........
I'm sitting in a big, comfy chair in a cozy, firelit room. next to my chair is atable covered in an over abundance of chocolate bars, homemade macaroni and cheese, and an assortment of muffins.I select amuffin and take a bite. it is delicious. kakashi enters the room and asks if he can have some.I say no.
thank you for putting up with that random entry.(tee hee!!)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello again!

Well, here i sit, typing in my new sound ninja forehead protactor. yeah, Ben got it for me for my birthday. it's SHINY!!!!!!!Mwahahahahahaha!!!!! oddness aside, though, its kinda fun to go around getting weird looks from random strangers .tee hee.Well, i think thats pretty much all i wanted to say. yaeh, i know, that wasn't much, and it was all lame, but humor me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yay, It's wednesday!!! Yay!!(Blah!)

well, a typical wdnesday. I did my homework, went to music lessons ,and i have my weekly babysitting job tonite.Babysitting actually pays almost as much as my job at the pool. go figure. anyways, i had to dissect a fetal pig today. it was emotionally draining, i must say( ok, I actually bawled my eyes out and couldn't bring myself to take a scalpel to the little piggy-I looked away while my mum did the actual cutting and snipping.) I guess that being a doctor or a vet is completely out of the question now. ugh.well. i will most likely spend my nite playing cinderella with the kids i'm sitting( guess who get's stuck being the evil step mother. i asked why i couldn't be the fairy godmother, but the girls said NO.) I love little kids!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm Baaaack!!! New post! Yay!

Well, it's the THIRD post!! nothing really, special, but ya know...I'll think of something to say by the time i finish this sentence...Oh yeah, i had my birthday yesterday. didn't do all that much..I think my family is trying to make me fat: they gave me a honking big jar of jelly beans and a cookbook- Muffins, wouldn't you know? well, it's not as if i haven't already borrowed that book from the library about a million times.Check out the new linksBen helped me to set up- I stuck muffin films on here, cause they're so delicious!! okay that was a lame joke, but ya know...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Its the second post!!! Aren't you just estatic?!!!

Okayyyy, so it's my second post. why does no one care that my blog is up?*sniff sniff* Well if any cares, it's my birthday tomorrow( yeah, half of my friends completely forgot last year because I didn't drop any shamefully obviuos hints about it.Oh well.....I finally figured out how to stick my photos on here, but you'll have to wait a little while before you see any real-life pictures on this blog, cause all of my photos are on a different computer. until then, you'll just have to put up with my stupid Naruto stuff and other such blather.Happy birthday to meeee... please commment, people!!!PLEEAASSEE!!! Okay, then thats allafor this aimless post. Laters!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


At last ,i can force these letters to do my nefarious, inky bidding. I finally got my very own blog (wheeeee )prepare your selves for many bizzare entries and such blather.