Sunday, July 22, 2007

WHY?!*Sob!!* (WARNING-Deathly Hallows Spoilers!!!)

*sniffles punctuated by sobs* WHY?!!!!!!
In case you haven't yet read the last harry potter book, do not read this post!(unless, of course, you don't care about my awful spoilers) yes, i posted this as soon as i finished the book, cuz i'm a freaky fangirl!!i'm still wiping away tears for-well, read the post if you dare!
SNAPE!!!!!!*blows nose*I'm going to miss you. your supercilious nature, your leering smile, your piercing glare that caused small children to flee from your presence....
*sniff*And why Dobby too?*wahhh!*
Fred, I shall miss you! you were my favorite character(if only because i liked the name fred better than George)
sorry if i spoiled anything for you, but i did warn you about this post! and yes, loads of other characters died too :*(
a moment of silence for these non-existent characters that freaks like me will miss so much, now that the book series is over.anyways, heres some art in tribute to these fictitious people we cared so much about.
well, if you've read the book, please comment with your thoughts and feelings on the revelations in the book!
Long Live Kreacher!Yay!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Too many kisames?

well, someone on Deviant told me to stop drawing Kisame chibis, cuz they were getting bored of them.i say you can never have enough! they're just too cute! besides, blue is my favorite color!(Yay for blue!)lemme know if you agree with the deviant commenter-do i have too many kisame chibis?well, heres one i thought was cute(not by me-to see the ones the Deviant was complaining about, you'll have to go to my gallery!see the link on my link list!)
so, summer is slowly but surely ending, and soonit wil be back to school for most of us. by then, it may be too late for my brain;it will have meltedin this heat, and my work will look something like this math page picture i put on this post! the caption is soo true!so, finish your homework or college aps,and try to enjoy the rest of your summer!(even if you don't like my art, check out deviantart anyway- they have everything from starwars fanart, to Steve Irwin fanart(crikey!) so, if there's some book or movie or tv show you love(yes, there's 'the office' fanart too),check out deviant sometime! it's great!if you join, lemme know, so i can buddy you or watch you submissions! i look forward to seeing you there!
love in Christ, the bobagirl!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


WELL?!!!! ok, i'm not interested in your excuses. anyways, i dicovered al the wonderful 9and disturbing fanart i can find on Deviant art! it's great! i've found every thing from Harry potter, to nathaniel mandrake(from the Bartimeus trilogy)to Artemis fowl! i even found one picture with all of them in it! And, it's well done! well, i just had to share these! check 'em out!(yeah! those are my boys!)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

ooh! another post!

well, i've been very busy with work and all lately, so sorry for staying away for so long!
since i last commented, i got my own gallery! check my links if you want to see it! there are a couple new links in there, and a few new pictures(don't worry, i removed most of the old ones)Please check out my gallery! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease look at my gallery!!!! oh, does anyone know whee i can download DDR music besides limewire? i don't want those free viruses that they throw in. thank you! AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COMMENTS ARE POST-RELATED AND NOT RANDOM RAVINGS ABOUT THAT RODRIGO PERSON WHO'S BEEN LEAVING ADS ON YOUR BLOGS!if you comment, make sure that it is a greeting and/or relevant to the last post! thank you(DOWN WITH RODRIGO!!! GET OFF OUR POSTING THREADS, YOU LOSER!)
sooo, heres another pic for your enjoyment/ridicule. have fun!

Friday, July 6, 2007

ooo! look! a new picture!!!

so! her's another one i just did! well, this isn't my character- Babo belongs to David Horvath.Who's that? well, he's the artist who created a line of daolls- that are designed to be ugly! they're called ugly dools, and can be found at i'm doing a new vid clip of this little fella eating YOUR candy and smiling happily! well, at least your teeth won't rot! please comment! ( and no more'dum dee dum dum' comments, tofuninja ! that goes for no1narutard as well!) will post on how i'm doing, later for all you holding your breath. well, post soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

here's some more for your consideration

well, here are acouple more that i drew last night. Ben requested anew avatar for his CR account, so i drew him with his guitar. then i decided i wanted a new av too, so i drew one for me, which i don't think came out as well as i wanted(darn mouse!!!) still, it's rather musing, and i've been told it isn't too awful, so here it is, along with Ben's avatar, for your artistic consideration. please tell me what you think. and Brandon, please comment on the post, not about how random you are:P. i really want to know what you all think of my artwork. please be honest;i'm, working on a random flash right now, so i want to know if you want to see it so i can stick it on here too. thank you everyone! sorry the posts have been so boring lately!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

um, just one thing*blush*

hey, you guys? if you actually think my artwork isn't too bad, let me know, so i don't quit putting it on. and Katherine, if you like the kisame pic from the last post, i'll send it too you, since i owe you a fan pic anyway(thank you soo much for the embarrassingly hot kakashi pic you gave me-yeah, i know, that was a while ago, but thank you!) soo, any way, what i'm trying to say is please leave me some feedback on the artwork i post(if it's posted,it's drawn by me, with the exception of the botherbotherbother design, which is not by me- for more stuff like the bother thing, go to my potter puppet pals link)i'm a little nervous about showing my artwork off, and i'm not really any good at drawing with a mouse(arggg! need a wacom!)so please leave your feedback.please be honest- i want to hear the bad stuff you have to say, tell me what you think of the chibi kisame from the last post.Thank you!

Monday, July 2, 2007

i'm baaack!(again)

well, i survived yet another road trip to San Francisco. yes, my sanity is still intact after long hours of passing hills and cows(moooooo)
we did the usual:hike,hang out at the neighborhood quickly(Boba!!!),and ate aewsomw chinese food! i think Ben brought home at least 3 diving knives he was given(oh dear). well, i stopped off at the same little anime/manga store in chinatown as the last trip, this time with all everyone(everyone being my family and all the fukudas, plus a few others).i was greeted back enthusiastically by the staff(i spent quite a bit last visit)and, all the boys proceeded to shop til they drop( normally i shop until they drop)
well, things are already back to normal here at home (whatever that means) i went back to work at the pool this morning, and finally got this years work suit! yes! last year's was getting saggy and stretched out until it was, um hem hem, you get the picture.anyway, work has started, which means the beginning of my summer, so yay!
oh, and here's a picture i did on flash just as a practice for drawing with the mouse, but i think it isn't too awful.