Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oh, goody! another post!!

sorry, this one is boring too. hmm, maybe i should tell a little story.......once upon a time, there was a lonely gecko, who didn't like purple squids..... ahh, actually, how about i DON'T tell a story? Yeah, that sounds good to me. well, ihope everyone is enjoying their 3-day weekend. i sure am! maybe if i'm lucky, i'll go see pirates. or not. have you seen the fan flashes on here yet? watch them, and see if you can tell me the name of the song used for the parts where hayate dancesfor, like, 3 seconds. I like that song, whatever that guy is saying! here is a pic of Hayate, in case you don't know who he is, plus the lyrics( yes, this pic is by Snowdragon)lemme know in the comments if you know1 Byebye!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I heart 3-day weekends!

Hehe! i slept in until 10 in the morning today! my family isn't going on a vacation this memorial weekend, so most likely, no one will commment since they're all on trips and such. oh well. I'm probably just going to hang out at home and clean my room this weekend. didja go tothe praise nite on Friday, anyone? awesome!!! if you skipped going to h3o or wildlife to go see Pirates, i totally understand, but you missed out if you didn't come! oh, and jenn finished editing our videos, so i'll try to get those vids on here after the awards ceremony( I'll let ya know if we win anything good- last year i got the best screaming sequence award) Yuchi was totally perfect for his role in Sadie Hawkin's Dance! my only leading role this year was as this suicidal emo girl in the hero vid. not that you can even tell that it's me, with all that eye make-up on and my hair all straightened and over my face. Stay happy, guys. well, iguess that this post is way to long. byebye!

Thursday, May 24, 2007


OMG!!! i'm having an oops moment! on all of my vid labels,i've been refering to Snow as as if she were a guy! oops! well, i'd like to make this post my tribute to my favorite flashgirl, Snowdragon! you are sooo cool. I'm sooo impressed with her artwork; she is soooo talented!. of course, now i'm comparing my stuff to hers, going" how come i can't draw as well as a 14 year old?! i gotta draw more!" well, i'm gonna try to stick more of her stuff on here for all of you who are too lazy to look her up yourselves. does any one know how to use flash? teach me pleeaassee!!!!!!! Pretty please? pretty please with whipped cream and sprinkles and a cherry on top? ok then, sorry about the random rave about some one you guys have never heard of. Bye bye!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Oh, man!!!!

drat! the server on our PC isn't working all of a sudden!! well, i guess i'll have to wait until it's up and running again before i can post any more pics .Fudgemonkeys!! oh well, i'll have to try to be entertaining in my posts, so i guess there's no hope for any entertainment on here for a while; I'm not very comedic or even remotely interesting. well, we finished filming for the golden roy award night, and we've already begun editing our vids. this year, the videos will hopefully not be something i'm going to be embarassed about! we did 2 music vids this year: Hero by superchick, and Sadie Hawkins dance by Relient K. totally off the wall, but that's the way we do things around here........ no, i'm not going to explain what i mean by that. well, hopefully i'll be able to post the vids once we're done editing them. Bye-bye!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lazy dayz

Wellll, it's kinda slow over here today.i know that most of you are probably doing stuff with your families today, but we're really not doing much. I guess i'll bake some more muffins( my 2nd fave: Banana fudge) and fold some laundry(Blech!) well, Maybe i'll do some stupid fanart, or sketch random people who come to the pool. have i ever mentioned them? theres cowboy man, to mention one. He shows up in cowboy boots and a big ol hat, and he comes out in speedos and his boots with the newspaper. weird! ten theres the group that i like to call 'the Blathering Ballet'. they're a bunch of wackos who do all kinds of ballet poses and jumps off the diving boards while i wince inwardly. anyway, i totally lost track of where i was going with that that, soooo........... yep. I dunno if any thing of any interest isgoing to be in this lame post, so, yeah, i just wasted about mebbe a minute of your life(Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!.........Sorry 'bout that.) well, i guess that's it for today, unless something interesting happens..........bye bye!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

more yakking

Well, I finally finished my agriculture projects.Crazy!!! i stayed up so late, and i still wasn't satisfied with the stupid thing!ugh!!!! well, at least i won't have to worry for a while about it. I just hope that those fair people don't kill my project like they did last year. oh well, i still won money.( Mwahahahaha!!!! money!!!!!) iwasn't able to finish my knitting project on time, so i used one that i didn't enter last year(Yeah, i'm that slow.blech.) Well, now i have a little more time to do stuff, so, yeah..... Oh, i have my second interview for my promotion to regular guard tomorrow! it's been so long since my first interview, that i was worried that they forgot about me! Well, wish me luck!!! bye-bye!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007


Waaaa!! i finished all 13 naruto dvds that i borrowed from katherine!!!! now i'll have to watch the show online or subscribe to the show!!!!!! Aghhhhhhh!!!!! okay, sorry about that, i've had a very long day, and i'm getting cranky.well, i'm thinking of trying to get some of my stupid fanart on here for y'all to see, but some of it just plain STINKS!!!! okay, i've done a few that are worth maybe a chuckle, so, i guess i'll share my stupidity with you..... i really don't have anything of any interest and/or note to say for this post besides....BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, i'm done.

Friday, May 4, 2007


as some of you may know, i applied recently for dual enrollment at acomunity college(rio hondo). well, i got a call this afternoon, and i've been ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!Yes!!!!!!well, looks like i'll be becoming a college kid ayear earlier than i thought! look out jessica and alex, you're stuck with me for at least another year!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!! well, i think that I've raved enough for one, post, sooooo............ that's it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


i finally got some real photos onto this darn thing!!!yes! at long last, you may see all the strange sights of my everyday life(eeek!) well. browse and enjoy all the cool pics ben helped me out with( thanx a bunch, Ben! Luv ya!!!)well, i'm out of witty and/or interesting things to say, so this will be it until i can come up with something that isn't utter blather... bye bye!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wheeeee!!!Ice cream for dinner!!!!

Well, i sure hadda interesting day. After piano and violin this afternoon, my family went to baskin& Robin's for the 31 cent ice cream. we waited in that line for, like, two hours!! ugh! but it was worth it, cuz we walked outta there with a ton of ice cream. when we got home, we discovered that there was no room in the fridge, so we sat down at the dining room table and had ice cream for dinner! For once, i actually had all the ice cream i wanted. so bad!! Whats next, cake for breakfast?! Still, i think that everyone should do this every once in a while. I'm in my happy place........Ahhhhhhhh!!!