Wednesday, June 27, 2007

yay!! i'm an animator!!!

well, i didn't get the amount of responses i thought i would*sigh* oh well, that's probably cuz most of my obnoxious but faithful commenters were out of town(i missed all you guys!i was so bored without all you guys cracking jokes about my height every 2 seconds!) still, i did get one comment-origato, koyotoshadow!i've decided that i don't need a boyfriend just now. after all, guys are like parking spots: all the good ones are taken!anyway, my heart belongs to Kakashi.
anyway, down to the subject.on tuesday,i got my flash program demo! Yay!!! needless to say, i've been on the computer quite a bit since then.I've managed to animate a few basic things, like stickmen waving,a ball bouncing, a girl winking(it's harder than it sounds-trust me),rock lee wagging his finger(ok, i know, that's not a basic),and a cute little kisame and itachi gif. the only trouble i've had so far is drawing with a my mouse.i need to do something about that, like getting a wacom (a digital sketchpad,for all you non-tech people)or just getting used to using a mouse to draw -ygh!
anyway, heres a still of one little gif i did the day i got the program:kisame and itachi.sorry, it won't play on here,so you won't get to see all of the stuff in it, like the dots that form by itachi as the gif progresses. i hope his expression will make this a cute still, though; as i said, i'm having some trouble drawing with a mouse(i can draw better than this-trust me.)
anyways, i'll be outta town until monday, so expect a nice long post when i get back(yes,longer than this one)we're gonna be up in San Francisco again, with the Fukudas, so there will certainly be a lot of laughs.and probably some painful bruising.still, i look forward to hanging out in chinatownand eating lots of great food(dimsum! yay!!!) i just hope i don't melt on the way up ther tomorrow. well, here's hoping.
catch all of you people from H3O at the senior send-off and/or beach party!(all of you who didn't go to Mt. Hermon, we can cry together)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ahh, life is good!

hello! it's tme for a new post! ok, not really, but i felt like posting, sooo here i am!
rats! my flash demo isn't here yet! oh well, i'll just ave to wait a little longer(so will you others who are eagerly awaiting a stupid flash vid) until then, entertain yourself with watching 'Jesus in Craig' and 'Jesus in Craig 2(aka Jesus in Nate) on the video bars at the bottom of all the recent posts. yes, i know those weirdos in those 'jesus' vids. unfortunately, all of them except nate have graduated, so i'll be looking to the new freshmen to submit vidoes for next year's 'Golden Roy Awards' (i'm talking to you, Chris Q) soo, i found afew new flash vids, so look for those on here soon(if possible, i'll stick my vids 'Hero' and 'Sadie Hawkins Dance on here some time in the future-no promises though) any hoo, if you haven't heard, work is starting up again soon, so my posts will probably include more bizzare stories about the stuff ben and i have to deal with; for instance, when people who are high or drunk come in to swim, and redshirt drills( ohh, they're horrible!)
anyway, that's it for this post-laters!

Friday, June 22, 2007

YAY!!! I GOTTA COMMENT(but who from?)

YES!!!! at last, you have decided to end my torture!i squealed happily until little Josh stuck his head into the office to see if i had finally cracked!
Just a note to future commenters, leave your username so i know you've been here! and if i know you, but not your username, leave your name!(this is directed at YOU Sistersmiley, whoever you are,and Janet,Jenni,Alex, and all you other anonymous commenters!)
well, i just got hold of,like 20 flash books, and i am eagerly devouring the boring technical details that make no sense without a computer in front of me.(whew! that was a run-on sentence,if iv'e ever seen one!)well, if it helps me learn, i'll do it.
and now for something completely different(kudos to whoever knows where that's from!)
Does anyone think i need a boyfriend? be honest, people, i'm getting tired of people thinking my 14 yr-old brother's my boyfriend(or worse, my older brother!!) yes, i know, it's not at all likely i'll look for one if you guy's tell me to, but i'm interested in what you think(maybe it will persuade you folks to comment on here!)so far, i've asked my dog, but she really doesn't have much to say on the subject, and she sheds all over me .(i think she might shed slightly faster than the speed of light!)so, lgive me your thoughts and suggestions on guys, real and fictional(for example, the mysterious, musical Eric-anyone else know where he's from?)please remember that this is all in fun(got that Ben,Brandon,Chris,Matt and assorted others? oh, and the pic is dedicated to you guys!!)
Please comment!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

* sigh*

Well, yet another post has gone by without a single comment:( that's ok, i'll get over it eventually, WHEN SOMEONE LEAVES ME A FUDGEMONKEYING COMMENT ON HERE!!!!!!)
well, so much for the flash too. i won't be finishing that for a while, cuz i can only get the professional version demo just now, and that's tough to learn- that and i won't be getting it until next monday. well, i'll just have to put that project on hold for now and pisk up my knitting, hmmmmmm....
ok, enough sad stuff. Work starts again soon!! yay! i'm supposed to get my new schedule on thursday(yeah, right; like they'll have even finished typing it out by then) and i can hardly wait to get back on tower again! ahh, the digusting free lunches, the bratty kids, the smell of sunscreen and dangeruos chemicals we keep in the same fridge as our food..........Yeah! no, really, i'm looking forward to it! i get this summer's new uniform too! this year, i get a 2 piece work suit, so i dont have to squeeze into to that awful kid-sized suit again! and, i've got new junior guards to torture to my heart's content, including my brother, Ben "there's a clogged toilet in the guy's locker room! go fix it!" or"Ferguson! go paint fence! up- down!"(actually, Ferguson isn't a junior guard anymore, but boy, did he hear that last year!)
mihihihi! i can't wait to experiment with vandalism remover again!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well, back in the swing of things

Well, i feel like it's time for another post, so!
things are back to normal here...well, as normal as it gets around this house!Hey! guess what?! i'm working on my first flash video! i'm doing that relient k song jefferson aeroplane- ya know that little song they hid on the end? the one about silly shoes? thats what i'm using. since i can't afford a wacom(a digital sketch-pad), i'm gonna hafta use downloaded images( my scanner's messed up) still, i can be picky, so i'm using naruto images(duh! dare to be narutarded!) i'm very rxited about learning flash, so you'll be hearing alot about this for awhile- as if you guys are still reading this thing:( That's ok, i'll drag some people from H3O in here some day! well, i'd better finish up before Mum comes in here and yellsat me, so i'll be cutting this post short. bye bye!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, I'm back! anyone notice i was gone?

well, i'm back from an impromptu family vacation to San Francisco( i didn't know we were going anywhere until the night before we left.)
yeah, it was lotsa fun and we did all kinds of crazy stuff, like walk all over the place, eat a TON of chinese food, picking blackberries, and wandering around Chinatown! Very fun!
well, we're most likely going back in a few weeks to do some more stuff with the fukudas- did i mention that we met up with them there/ we did pretty much everything with them during the trip. check out this nasty pic of a dead rat/mole thing . i don't really know what kinda critter it was..... anyway, it was pretty nasty-later, we aw two dogs go off with it-as i said, nasty!! well, it's good to be back,and to be using my own bathroom!!!(yes!!)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

what's wrong with you guys?!

why is no one commenting on here?!! are you allout of town or sumptin?!! where is everyone? well, i'll be outta town until tuesday, so if any one actually bothers to check my blog, tough, i'm not here.but don't worry, i'll be back soon, so try not to be too devestated over my absence. well, any way, i'll be at h3o agian on friday, soo i'll see ya'll soon!1 Byebye!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Well, it's me ...again......

Well, i kinda figured it was time for another post, so here it is......., well, i took the SAT today( yeah, the Sadistic Atrocious Torture-SAT!!) and it was every bit as awful as you can imagine! the guy sitting in front of me had this nasty, greasy hair, and it was kinda distracting. there also was this fly in the room that kept buzzing around, and it was REALLY annoying., there i sat, thinking,' okay, this is only going to affect what college i get into and that will only affect the quality of my entire life... okay, i'm going to destroy this lousy test with my awesome animal energy.....Ohhh, i'm going to concentrate like you wouldn't believe........... eww! go away, you horrid fly! icky bug1 okay, where was i? oh yeah, question 15..... Hmmm....C,no wait,D! why is it always C or D? am i doing this wrong? Ewwww, his hair is soo greasy. no, wait, concentrate..... concentration....... I am SOOO concentrated right now.... you could stick me full of pins right now and i wouldn't feel a what problem was i on? Oh, shoot!
Well, i thought that i give you an idea of what you have to look forward to come your junior year in highschool...... if you've already taken the horrid thing, Yay!! well, let's see if my score turns out okay....... i'm not worried at all..... not a bit......... not really.....sorta.... okay, yeah, i'm freaked out about it, but oh well, tough!