Thursday, May 10, 2007

more yakking

Well, I finally finished my agriculture projects.Crazy!!! i stayed up so late, and i still wasn't satisfied with the stupid thing!ugh!!!! well, at least i won't have to worry for a while about it. I just hope that those fair people don't kill my project like they did last year. oh well, i still won money.( Mwahahahaha!!!! money!!!!!) iwasn't able to finish my knitting project on time, so i used one that i didn't enter last year(Yeah, i'm that slow.blech.) Well, now i have a little more time to do stuff, so, yeah..... Oh, i have my second interview for my promotion to regular guard tomorrow! it's been so long since my first interview, that i was worried that they forgot about me! Well, wish me luck!!! bye-bye!!!

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Lani Olsen/Dim sum girl said...

fine, i'll be the first to comment on my own post. Blah to you!!!!!