Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wheeeee!!!Ice cream for dinner!!!!

Well, i sure hadda interesting day. After piano and violin this afternoon, my family went to baskin& Robin's for the 31 cent ice cream. we waited in that line for, like, two hours!! ugh! but it was worth it, cuz we walked outta there with a ton of ice cream. when we got home, we discovered that there was no room in the fridge, so we sat down at the dining room table and had ice cream for dinner! For once, i actually had all the ice cream i wanted. so bad!! Whats next, cake for breakfast?! Still, i think that everyone should do this every once in a while. I'm in my happy place........Ahhhhhhhh!!!


aggroskater4ever a.k.a Chris said...

wow...i went, but didn't get that much ice cream

scorpia said...

i want some

Ronli said...

Well said.