Saturday, May 26, 2007

I heart 3-day weekends!

Hehe! i slept in until 10 in the morning today! my family isn't going on a vacation this memorial weekend, so most likely, no one will commment since they're all on trips and such. oh well. I'm probably just going to hang out at home and clean my room this weekend. didja go tothe praise nite on Friday, anyone? awesome!!! if you skipped going to h3o or wildlife to go see Pirates, i totally understand, but you missed out if you didn't come! oh, and jenn finished editing our videos, so i'll try to get those vids on here after the awards ceremony( I'll let ya know if we win anything good- last year i got the best screaming sequence award) Yuchi was totally perfect for his role in Sadie Hawkin's Dance! my only leading role this year was as this suicidal emo girl in the hero vid. not that you can even tell that it's me, with all that eye make-up on and my hair all straightened and over my face. Stay happy, guys. well, iguess that this post is way to long. byebye!


Sam aka SAM said...

hey lani...its PG 13 aka at san fran rite now...we were talkin 2 the bran man(brandon!!!haha i call him dat now..still dont noe if he's ok with me calling him dat :) ) we talked 2 the bran man 4ever!!!! we talk to chris too but he had to go :(
luv ya 2 death and have fun cleaning!!!

you shall never know said...

wow, bran man, what a name for brandon!

Lani Olsen/Dim sum girl said...

who's you shall never know?! Jenn? Megs?Dani?Alex? Janet? one of Ben's friends? who is that ?!