Tuesday, July 3, 2007

um, just one thing*blush*

hey, you guys? if you actually think my artwork isn't too bad, let me know, so i don't quit putting it on. and Katherine, if you like the kisame pic from the last post, i'll send it too you, since i owe you a fan pic anyway(thank you soo much for the embarrassingly hot kakashi pic you gave me-yeah, i know, that was a while ago, but thank you!) soo, any way, what i'm trying to say is please leave me some feedback on the artwork i post(if it's posted,it's drawn by me, with the exception of the botherbotherbother design, which is not by me- for more stuff like the bother thing, go to my potter puppet pals link)i'm a little nervous about showing my artwork off, and i'm not really any good at drawing with a mouse(arggg! need a wacom!)so please leave your feedback.please be honest- i want to hear the bad stuff you have to say too.so, tell me what you think of the chibi kisame from the last post.Thank you!


no1narutard said...

surprise someone commented!

Anonymous said...

your art rocks!