Wednesday, July 4, 2007

here's some more for your consideration

well, here are acouple more that i drew last night. Ben requested anew avatar for his CR account, so i drew him with his guitar. then i decided i wanted a new av too, so i drew one for me, which i don't think came out as well as i wanted(darn mouse!!!) still, it's rather musing, and i've been told it isn't too awful, so here it is, along with Ben's avatar, for your artistic consideration. please tell me what you think. and Brandon, please comment on the post, not about how random you are:P. i really want to know what you all think of my artwork. please be honest;i'm, working on a random flash right now, so i want to know if you want to see it so i can stick it on here too. thank you everyone! sorry the posts have been so boring lately!


Tofu Ninja said...

dum dee dum dum

no1narutard said...

Raaaaaaaaaaaah charge!