Saturday, July 14, 2007

ooh! another post!

well, i've been very busy with work and all lately, so sorry for staying away for so long!
since i last commented, i got my own gallery! check my links if you want to see it! there are a couple new links in there, and a few new pictures(don't worry, i removed most of the old ones)Please check out my gallery! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease look at my gallery!!!! oh, does anyone know whee i can download DDR music besides limewire? i don't want those free viruses that they throw in. thank you! AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COMMENTS ARE POST-RELATED AND NOT RANDOM RAVINGS ABOUT THAT RODRIGO PERSON WHO'S BEEN LEAVING ADS ON YOUR BLOGS!if you comment, make sure that it is a greeting and/or relevant to the last post! thank you(DOWN WITH RODRIGO!!! GET OFF OUR POSTING THREADS, YOU LOSER!)
sooo, heres another pic for your enjoyment/ridicule. have fun!

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Gary aka code_gir said...

O.o' Ok now I'm confused. Is Haku a gal or a dude... This fan art has my mind spinning. *plants spiked slushies around the comment area* These will help filter out the nonsense you get... even thogh that this is one of them. But I will check out your gallery (if I can find the link) and see wuts happening there. And yes you have too many Kisames... even though blue is a wonderful color but orange is better. *waves a Miles "Tails" Prower plushie in the air ^_^* I love sonic!