Sunday, July 22, 2007

WHY?!*Sob!!* (WARNING-Deathly Hallows Spoilers!!!)

*sniffles punctuated by sobs* WHY?!!!!!!
In case you haven't yet read the last harry potter book, do not read this post!(unless, of course, you don't care about my awful spoilers) yes, i posted this as soon as i finished the book, cuz i'm a freaky fangirl!!i'm still wiping away tears for-well, read the post if you dare!
SNAPE!!!!!!*blows nose*I'm going to miss you. your supercilious nature, your leering smile, your piercing glare that caused small children to flee from your presence....
*sniff*And why Dobby too?*wahhh!*
Fred, I shall miss you! you were my favorite character(if only because i liked the name fred better than George)
sorry if i spoiled anything for you, but i did warn you about this post! and yes, loads of other characters died too :*(
a moment of silence for these non-existent characters that freaks like me will miss so much, now that the book series is over.anyways, heres some art in tribute to these fictitious people we cared so much about.
well, if you've read the book, please comment with your thoughts and feelings on the revelations in the book!
Long Live Kreacher!Yay!

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Gary aka code_gir said...

T.T *sniff* Its so sad an tragic, even though I haven't gotten the book yet, I already new deep down that sweet adorable Dobby will die. *blows into a hankerchief* I actually cried infront of my friends when the told me the spoils. They cryed too so they didn't laugh. I suggest that you create a poll to see which of the the character whom died did everyone loves the best. My vote is for Dobby... Can I get the sock that he recieved in the second book since he doesn't need it anymore o.o