Thursday, July 19, 2007

Too many kisames?

well, someone on Deviant told me to stop drawing Kisame chibis, cuz they were getting bored of them.i say you can never have enough! they're just too cute! besides, blue is my favorite color!(Yay for blue!)lemme know if you agree with the deviant commenter-do i have too many kisame chibis?well, heres one i thought was cute(not by me-to see the ones the Deviant was complaining about, you'll have to go to my gallery!see the link on my link list!)
so, summer is slowly but surely ending, and soonit wil be back to school for most of us. by then, it may be too late for my brain;it will have meltedin this heat, and my work will look something like this math page picture i put on this post! the caption is soo true!so, finish your homework or college aps,and try to enjoy the rest of your summer!(even if you don't like my art, check out deviantart anyway- they have everything from starwars fanart, to Steve Irwin fanart(crikey!) so, if there's some book or movie or tv show you love(yes, there's 'the office' fanart too),check out deviant sometime! it's great!if you join, lemme know, so i can buddy you or watch you submissions! i look forward to seeing you there!
love in Christ, the bobagirl!

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