Wednesday, June 20, 2007

* sigh*

Well, yet another post has gone by without a single comment:( that's ok, i'll get over it eventually, WHEN SOMEONE LEAVES ME A FUDGEMONKEYING COMMENT ON HERE!!!!!!)
well, so much for the flash too. i won't be finishing that for a while, cuz i can only get the professional version demo just now, and that's tough to learn- that and i won't be getting it until next monday. well, i'll just have to put that project on hold for now and pisk up my knitting, hmmmmmm....
ok, enough sad stuff. Work starts again soon!! yay! i'm supposed to get my new schedule on thursday(yeah, right; like they'll have even finished typing it out by then) and i can hardly wait to get back on tower again! ahh, the digusting free lunches, the bratty kids, the smell of sunscreen and dangeruos chemicals we keep in the same fridge as our food..........Yeah! no, really, i'm looking forward to it! i get this summer's new uniform too! this year, i get a 2 piece work suit, so i dont have to squeeze into to that awful kid-sized suit again! and, i've got new junior guards to torture to my heart's content, including my brother, Ben "there's a clogged toilet in the guy's locker room! go fix it!" or"Ferguson! go paint fence! up- down!"(actually, Ferguson isn't a junior guard anymore, but boy, did he hear that last year!)
mihihihi! i can't wait to experiment with vandalism remover again!


Anonymous said...

I comment, therefore I am, or you blog, therefore you are?
Do you really keep the chemicals in the refrigerator with your lunches? Isn't that, like, illegal?

Lani Olsen/Dim sum girl said...

well, supposedly, but since the other fridge is full of 5 yr old ice cream and moldy oranges, we use the chem fridge.

Lani Olsen/Dim sum girl said...

by the way, who is this? future commenters, leave your username so i don't bug you to visit my blog anymore