Friday, June 22, 2007

YAY!!! I GOTTA COMMENT(but who from?)

YES!!!! at last, you have decided to end my torture!i squealed happily until little Josh stuck his head into the office to see if i had finally cracked!
Just a note to future commenters, leave your username so i know you've been here! and if i know you, but not your username, leave your name!(this is directed at YOU Sistersmiley, whoever you are,and Janet,Jenni,Alex, and all you other anonymous commenters!)
well, i just got hold of,like 20 flash books, and i am eagerly devouring the boring technical details that make no sense without a computer in front of me.(whew! that was a run-on sentence,if iv'e ever seen one!)well, if it helps me learn, i'll do it.
and now for something completely different(kudos to whoever knows where that's from!)
Does anyone think i need a boyfriend? be honest, people, i'm getting tired of people thinking my 14 yr-old brother's my boyfriend(or worse, my older brother!!) yes, i know, it's not at all likely i'll look for one if you guy's tell me to, but i'm interested in what you think(maybe it will persuade you folks to comment on here!)so far, i've asked my dog, but she really doesn't have much to say on the subject, and she sheds all over me .(i think she might shed slightly faster than the speed of light!)so, lgive me your thoughts and suggestions on guys, real and fictional(for example, the mysterious, musical Eric-anyone else know where he's from?)please remember that this is all in fun(got that Ben,Brandon,Chris,Matt and assorted others? oh, and the pic is dedicated to you guys!!)
Please comment!


Koyoto D. Shadow said...

Need a boyfriend? Eh, maybe. Personally I think quality rules over quantity in that field though. Just find someone you gel well with, or a guy you have some chemistry with and try it. Risk nothing, lose nothing, but you gain nothing as well. Tis sometimes better to chance it, sometimes not. It's good to look younger than you are, you know, think of what people will think when you hit 30 and look like a college student. Eh? Eh, comrade, eh?


Lani Olsen/Dim sum girl said...

well, i'm already in college, and it's not pretty