Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well, back in the swing of things

Well, i feel like it's time for another post, so!
things are back to normal here...well, as normal as it gets around this house!Hey! guess what?! i'm working on my first flash video! i'm doing that relient k song jefferson aeroplane- ya know that little song they hid on the end? the one about silly shoes? thats what i'm using. since i can't afford a wacom(a digital sketch-pad), i'm gonna hafta use downloaded images( my scanner's messed up) still, i can be picky, so i'm using naruto images(duh! dare to be narutarded!) i'm very rxited about learning flash, so you'll be hearing alot about this for awhile- as if you guys are still reading this thing:( That's ok, i'll drag some people from H3O in here some day! well, i'd better finish up before Mum comes in here and yellsat me, so i'll be cutting this post short. bye bye!

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