Monday, June 25, 2007

Ahh, life is good!

hello! it's tme for a new post! ok, not really, but i felt like posting, sooo here i am!
rats! my flash demo isn't here yet! oh well, i'll just ave to wait a little longer(so will you others who are eagerly awaiting a stupid flash vid) until then, entertain yourself with watching 'Jesus in Craig' and 'Jesus in Craig 2(aka Jesus in Nate) on the video bars at the bottom of all the recent posts. yes, i know those weirdos in those 'jesus' vids. unfortunately, all of them except nate have graduated, so i'll be looking to the new freshmen to submit vidoes for next year's 'Golden Roy Awards' (i'm talking to you, Chris Q) soo, i found afew new flash vids, so look for those on here soon(if possible, i'll stick my vids 'Hero' and 'Sadie Hawkins Dance on here some time in the future-no promises though) any hoo, if you haven't heard, work is starting up again soon, so my posts will probably include more bizzare stories about the stuff ben and i have to deal with; for instance, when people who are high or drunk come in to swim, and redshirt drills( ohh, they're horrible!)
anyway, that's it for this post-laters!

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Lani Olsen/Dim sum girl said...

Darn! i was expecting Chris Q at least to comment! oh well, next post maybe.