Wednesday, June 27, 2007

yay!! i'm an animator!!!

well, i didn't get the amount of responses i thought i would*sigh* oh well, that's probably cuz most of my obnoxious but faithful commenters were out of town(i missed all you guys!i was so bored without all you guys cracking jokes about my height every 2 seconds!) still, i did get one comment-origato, koyotoshadow!i've decided that i don't need a boyfriend just now. after all, guys are like parking spots: all the good ones are taken!anyway, my heart belongs to Kakashi.
anyway, down to the subject.on tuesday,i got my flash program demo! Yay!!! needless to say, i've been on the computer quite a bit since then.I've managed to animate a few basic things, like stickmen waving,a ball bouncing, a girl winking(it's harder than it sounds-trust me),rock lee wagging his finger(ok, i know, that's not a basic),and a cute little kisame and itachi gif. the only trouble i've had so far is drawing with a my mouse.i need to do something about that, like getting a wacom (a digital sketchpad,for all you non-tech people)or just getting used to using a mouse to draw -ygh!
anyway, heres a still of one little gif i did the day i got the program:kisame and itachi.sorry, it won't play on here,so you won't get to see all of the stuff in it, like the dots that form by itachi as the gif progresses. i hope his expression will make this a cute still, though; as i said, i'm having some trouble drawing with a mouse(i can draw better than this-trust me.)
anyways, i'll be outta town until monday, so expect a nice long post when i get back(yes,longer than this one)we're gonna be up in San Francisco again, with the Fukudas, so there will certainly be a lot of laughs.and probably some painful bruising.still, i look forward to hanging out in chinatownand eating lots of great food(dimsum! yay!!!) i just hope i don't melt on the way up ther tomorrow. well, here's hoping.
catch all of you people from H3O at the senior send-off and/or beach party!(all of you who didn't go to Mt. Hermon, we can cry together)

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