Thursday, June 14, 2007

Well, I'm back! anyone notice i was gone?

well, i'm back from an impromptu family vacation to San Francisco( i didn't know we were going anywhere until the night before we left.)
yeah, it was lotsa fun and we did all kinds of crazy stuff, like walk all over the place, eat a TON of chinese food, picking blackberries, and wandering around Chinatown! Very fun!
well, we're most likely going back in a few weeks to do some more stuff with the fukudas- did i mention that we met up with them there/ we did pretty much everything with them during the trip. check out this nasty pic of a dead rat/mole thing . i don't really know what kinda critter it was..... anyway, it was pretty nasty-later, we aw two dogs go off with it-as i said, nasty!! well, it's good to be back,and to be using my own bathroom!!!(yes!!)

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